Alpha Blocks

Last words

If you made it until here, thank you for reading. We’ve put a lot of time into this project and hope we can provide a fun game experience for everyone. Still, we would like to add that there might be changes coming to the whitepaper and game, as we plan to make it as perfect as possible. Our final vision is to expand our Ecosystem. We will integrate other projects, and build up their town/city so all communities can vibe together. We will add plug-ins and code whatever is needed to make the community enjoy their place to stay.
As Llama and Godjira holders, we are respectfully looking up to these projects. We're proud members and proud to represent them. Dropping some α as a reward for readers, let's say we already have a strong partnership secured. We got in touch with this very established project and they fell in love with our idea. To some, it might be obvious what project we're talking about.
Don't be afraid to talk to us in the discord, because for now, Marketing hasn't started. We are still a small group of people, so this will be the best opportunity to get to know each other. We want to reward our Day Ones, early believers, and everyone who stays with us.
Have a great day,
Marc & AB Team.