Alpha Blocks

MTA Mint

Our goal is to provide a working and fun game for everyone and to expand our Alpha Group. The mint price will be calculated, as fair and low as possible. Thanks to optimizations, we managed to lower the costs. We will try to work as efficiently as possible.
Pretty much all of the funding will be going right back into the project to further develop the game, pay the current staff, hire new staff, add more plugins, expand the map, get you guys access to known tools, and more!
Since 80% of the genesis mints' profit will be invested back into the project, a portion will go back to us founders to pay back our moms and show some gratitude for everything they have done for us over the last years.
Each wallet will be allowed to mint 1 NFT and the community will decide whether we would have a pre-sale and public sale, a dutch auction, or a private/allocated sale only.