Alpha Blocks

Plugins to work on post mint

After the mint of our genesis collection, we will hire more developers and builders to expand project MTA.
We already have so many ideas about a few fancy plugins we can implement once our game goes live, holders will also be able to vote on new plugins to be added using their tokens! We also want to build a metaverse outside of Minecraft.
Some of our ideas: Achievements: You will be rewarded for completing your achievements! (For example: walking a specific distance, looting chests, winning PvP battles, etc.) Prestige: The current game technically “ends” at level 100, the prestige system would reward you for resetting your level from 100 back to 0. In return you will be given prestige points, you can use these prestige points to advance your character skills (For example: faster walking, higher jumping, increased damage, increased health, and more!) Further advancing our cop system: We can further advance our cop system by allowing the officers to also attack with other weapons (which would have a certain drop chance upon death) instead of only hitting with batons. Vehicles: We can also add vehicles to make the navigation throughout the map easier. Cars, bikes even helicopters! These vehicles would be purchasable by using our in-game currency. So F2P-players have a chance to acquire these as well! Plot and Housing trading: Giving players the ability to sell a house to another player for a custom price or to rent the house to another player for a certain amount of time.
We believe that community comes first. We will give our community the ability to vote on plugins they would like added to our game.
Note: It does not have to be one of the plugins we mentioned above. We are always open to creative suggestions.