Alpha Blocks

Utility MTA

MTA holders will be given access to our alpha channels, we will also be hiring more & advanced alpha callers. Community is what matters the most to us. We will decide with the community who to hire as new staff members. Depending on the news/information/education needed and wanted, new members with a proven track record will be added to the team.
Your NFT as a Minecraft skin
After the Mint of MTA you can connect your wallet to our website and download your Minecraft skin that matches your NFT. In this way, we then bypass the ban on Minecraft. Minecraft Everyone who buys MTA will have Minecraft included in their Mint price. This means that we will gift you Minecraft after the mint, this also applies to the free mints from the Genesis holders, so everyone will also have the opportunity to play our game.
Whitelist Giveaways
We will be persuading numerous collaborations with other collections to obtain mint spots for their upcoming launches. Of which, we will be providing back to our holders. Around 30-40% of all whitelists will go to MTA holders. Tools
Right after our MTA collection mints out, all of our holders will have access to an NFT analysis tool (which we will be partnering up with). We will make trading NFTs easier for our holders by providing everything needed to become a profitable trader.