Alpha Blocks

What is Mine Theft Auto (MTA)?

Think GTA but in Minecraft, a GTA-based Minecraft game mode. The name stands for Mine Theft Auto, but we are not affiliated with GTA, it's only inspiration. We believe in fun, that’s why we plan to let everyone play the game. However, only our NFT holders will be able to get a Minecraft skin based on their NFT. MTA will be a competitive game mode, which also means if you die you might lose some of your items (guns, armor, ammo, etc...). You will not lose your money by dying.
A brief look at what you will be able to do in the game itself:
- play a full-fledged fully functional game
- player vs player combat
- level up your character and become stronger
- unique advanced weapon tiers
- create gangs to fight together and against each other
- manage your properties (buying, negotiating, selling,..)
- trade in-game items
- and much more as we continue to develop our game… Note: In addition to the game, however, MTA will still be an extension of our Alpha group and so most of the utility will relate to the Alpha aspects (Utility MTA).