Alpha Blocks

About the Founder

It all began a couple of years ago when I and a few friends were playing Minecraft. We were fascinated by the game and all possibilities it brings along - we decided to launch our own server. This was back then in 2017, ever since then we have been working on it almost every week. Sooner or later we managed to code unique add-ons and Mine Theft Auto (MTA) was born. As all three of us grew older, real life hit us, and due to school and university, we weren’t able to work full-time on our idea. Fortunately, two of us are studying computer science, so the development never stopped. They spend their spare time on the project and continuously work on additional features. We created a full-fledged game and we are able to achieve more. In order to expand even further, we needed more liquidity.
Now I would like to introduce myself to you! My name is Marc, I was only 17 years old when I back then decided that there is so much more in life than playing games all night. I wasn’t able to work a full-time job due to school, so what would a young gamer do to make money? Well, sell my earned in-game currency for Fiat. The business grew and I managed to connect with great people. To be more specific, I was selling Minecraft Hypixel server currency. Within only a few months, I built up a fully functional marketplace.
Remember, I was only 17 years old, so credit cards weren’t a viable choice and neither was Paypal. You might be wondering how I received bigger payments then? This is how made my first steps into crypto, I fell in love with decentralization and the concept of DeFi!
Fast forward a few years, with a deadly combination of passion, marketplace running experience and an executing team, I stumbled upon NFTs. It felt like second nature to me, I learned how to trade crypto as well as NFTs with the money I made with the marketplace. Within a time span of only three months, I managed to build a capital of six figures which allowed me to pick up project MTA again.
Now that you have an idea of where my journey began, I would like to tell you about the project. With all the teams' knowledge, experience and passion for this space, I would like to combine an alpha group and the Minecraft game mode we had created. That’s how Alpha Blocks came to life.